Introduction of Liquidity pool providers incentive program

Tonight, we would like to introduce an exciting new program for our beloved liquidity pool providers. Keeping it short and on point.

What is the AceD LPP program?

Providing liquidity on decentralized dex’s comes with many risks, the most common is impermanent loss. As a supporter, one of your primary goals is to retain as many tokens possible so that you can maximize your profits in the long run. The AceD LPP program will incentivize liquidity pool providers with a daily snapshot reward which will be distributed weekly directly to your wallet. Liquidity is vital to our trading pool, the…

We are parting ways with the ETH network. AceD will be migrating to BSC network. We will be using the popular Pancakeswap protocol to launch. Trading fees will be significantly reduced as it will cost on average $1–2 compared to $50 + on Uniswap (eth network) at the moment. There is a whole lot of exciting things planned such as farming and a new CEX listing along with BSC launch. PLEASE DEPOSIT ACED into your account to receive the swap (Date to be determined) You are welcome to stake or bet. Without further delay, we will be removing all…

Multi-cryptocurrency sportsbook AceDBets is jumping new growth trajectories ever since its inception in 2018.

The platform’s interesting choices of games and state of the art easy-to-use interface makes it one of the favorites for online sports betting. To serve its ever-expanding community, AceDBets is bringing some very interesting updates to the platform.

AcedBets Platform Upgrade and Changes

There’s been a lot of buzz around the updates of AceDBets platform in crypto communities and circles. While there’s no final date released for the platform update, the crypto team is currently in the final phase of testing.

Some of the major improvements coming to the

We have a few things to talk about this week.

The AceDTeam continues to work on projects, exploring opportunities and applying what is feasible.
One word of order for The AceDTeam : Work! Work ! Work !
One word of order for you : Hodl! Hodl! Hodl!

Dear #AceDFam, here it comes the Weekly Report #4.

At First, there is actually a twitter bounty on AceD Discord : Retweets, screenshot and get 10 AceD easily ! (

New format, Weekly report will be published on medium in order to have an easier communication support for the promotion of AceD — Game On.
Please read, tweet, retweet , share it !!

Hey AceD investors, I’m back again with another weekly report!

For AceDBets, it seems like we have over 150+ bets already placed! That’s an amazing number given the amount of time @MaGe-AceD and has been hosting.

We also have some poker updates:
. Unseat and Back to Lobby buttons coded and activated
. Loading Page implemented
. Sounds improvements
. Some Bugs resolved
Check out our loading page below! Have any suggestions or feedback? Feel free to leave a message on #suggestion

Dear AceD investors/supporters, here’s our weekly report #2 !

You can now place bets on your favorite sports! After placing your bet and confirm with @MaGe-AceD , you can track your status on #sports-betting-active -You can request to replicate bets. Just provide the betting number.

This week’s biggest winner for sports betting : 8,001 AceD! Congrats Thank you for helping with sports betting!

Also, don’t forget to participate in the AceD of Hearts! Current prize: 150 AceD Entry: 67 AceD Thank you, @12k-AceD

Congrats to Twitter user @Duck_Winner for winning the Twitter giveaway from @BLinds-AceD

Hope that everyone had a great week!

Dear AceD investors, we hope that you’re having a fantastic week!

Let’s jump right in to the weekly report:

  • One of our partnerships (Vsupply/Voucher Supply) is currently working with AceD behind the scene before users can officially convert their AceD into prepaid vouchers such as PaySafe, Flexipin, and Neosurf. The company is currently rebranding. Their developers and the AceD team are currently working together.

AceD Game On

Dear AceD family,

Welcome to our inaugural post on our blog and what a great time it is for our first post! We are proud to finally be a part of the Blockfolio Signal program. We will use this platform to give you development and team updates, partnership announcements, marketing activities and other important news direct from the AceD CORE team.

AceD has been building momentum recently and we love hearing the great feedback and excitement from our community. To keep the momentum going, we’ve updated our wallets! In order to update the wallets with the requested changes, we required…

Powerful Infrastructure for Decentralized Applications: AceD Dashboard, AceD Gaming, AceD Streaming, AceD Escrow, AceD Snap.

So what is the Early Supporters Program:

This is the pre launch phase before exchanges that allows opportunistic investors to buy in early and secure their AceD, It is already launched on mainnet so you may wish to host a masternode already or simply store your coins. All funds received from the Early Supporters program will go towards funding endeavors of the project such as team recruitment, project management ensuring a quality cryptocurrency with goals meeting deadlines.

Price per AceD?

At current AceD isn’t on any exchange, However through the Early Supporters Program you can purchase 1 coin at 0.75 USD, This price will only run up until the 30th…

AceD — Game On.


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