Introduction of Liquidity pool providers incentive program

AceD Entertainment BSC Project Liquidity pool providers incentive program

Tonight, we would like to introduce an exciting new program for our beloved liquidity pool providers. Keeping it short and on point.

What is the AceD LPP program?

Providing liquidity on decentralized dex’s comes with many risks, the most common is impermanent loss. As a supporter, one of your primary goals is to retain as many tokens possible so that you can maximize your profits in the long run. The AceD LPP program will incentivize liquidity pool providers with a daily snapshot reward which will be distributed weekly directly to your wallet. Liquidity is vital to our trading pool, the more liquidity the less volatility. Therefore, we have put together an exciting program to help boost our pool liquidity and reward the participants.

How does it work and how can you participate?

When you add liquidity to our ACED/BNB pool on pancakeswap, you will receive “pool ownership/Cake-LP” tokens. You can track all the ACED liquidity providers here:
To participate, provide liquidity and leave the liquidity in the pool, our team will take a daily snapshot (random time) and rewards will be distributed equally in proportion to your pool ownership %. To view your total % share, you can follow the link above.

50,000 AceD per day will be distributed to liquidity providers on ACED/BNB pair on pancakeswap, shared between all participants relative to the overall value added. Supported pools and platforms can be subject to change in the future. Note: The burn address will be excluded from receiving rewards, this was our liquidity lock address. Rewards will only be shared to active liquidity providers.

The program will reward 50,000 ACED tokens for the next 365 days for a grand total of 18.2M ACED to be distributed in 1 year. The rewards will be paid from farming allocation and acedbets bankroll.

We hope this program will encourage supporters to add liquidity to our pool. The program kicks off immediately and the first snapshot will be taken on 3/27/2021. Rewards will be paid once per week directly to your liquidity providing address (taken from BSCscan).

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