AceD Entertainment is Migrating to BSC. Launching on Pancakeswap.

We are parting ways with the ETH network. AceD will be migrating to BSC network. We will be using the popular Pancakeswap protocol to launch. Trading fees will be significantly reduced as it will cost on average $1–2 compared to $50 + on Uniswap (eth network) at the moment. There is a whole lot of exciting things planned such as farming and a new CEX listing along with BSC launch. PLEASE DEPOSIT ACED into your account to receive the swap (Date to be determined) You are welcome to stake or bet. Without further delay, we will be removing all liquidity from Uniswap and liquidity will be added on Pancakeswap at launch. Sorry for the short notice, We believe this is the right move with current market sentiment, trading fees on Uniswap limit our global volume.

Balance snapshot has been taken , please refrain from buying aced on uniswap, cheaters will be caught and risk losing all their aced.

AceD contract on BSC has been deployed:

Please add as custom token to your Metamask:

Follow this guide to connect your Metamask wallet to BSC.

To participate in liquidity sale please join our Telegram channel or Discord for the latest info.

Official Website:
Discord AceD