AceD Weekly Report #4 — 09/13/19

AceD — Game On.
2 min readSep 14, 2019


Dear #AceDFam, here it comes the Weekly Report #4.

At First, there is actually a twitter bounty on AceD Discord : Retweets, screenshot and get 10 AceD easily ! (

New format, Weekly report will be published on medium in order to have an easier communication support for the promotion of AceD — Game On.
Please read, tweet, retweet , share it !!

Before, the team does a great job with AceD Discords Bets (, the sportscappers are unleashed and clash in a friendly atmosphere on different sports and ESport like the NFL / NBA / CSGO / LoL / Baseball / Soccer / Tennis …

AceD Bets Discords it’s in a few figures, on the monthly period :
Over 600,000 $ AceD have been wagered
#365 bets in a month.
Biggests wins : 24,375 AceD on UFC match, and also 19,650 and 30,000 with a CSGO one !!!
— Biggest winning odd : 8.50 … imagine a + 750%… it’s been a long time since we did not see that on an exchange.
— Minimum bet decreased to 250 and Max increased to 15,000 / max payout 100,000
Cheap AceD available on CoinExchange ( ) or directly on #Cashier channel (

Our partner Voucher Supply is setting up their new site. Canadians will be able to buy and sell AceD via fiat options this is huge.
They have a big user base mainly gamblers that buy paysafecard to deposit on bookies
We will be sure to introduce AceD to fresh blood
Note: All trades will be executed live time on exchanges increasing our liquidity.

Now let’s talk about AceD Discord Staking, the 5% of fees have some success, more than 35k being staked actually… no need to run your wallet 24/7, get rewards even with low amount of aced — minimum 100 AceD by deposit.
Let’s stake together with ?startstaking command !

Happy weekend with AceD !



AceD — Game On.