AceD Weekly Report #5–09/22/19

AceD — Game On.
3 min readSep 22, 2019


We have a few things to talk about this week.

The AceDTeam continues to work on projects, exploring opportunities and applying what is feasible.
One word of order for The AceDTeam : Work! Work ! Work !
One word of order for you : Hodl! Hodl! Hodl!

First, a big success with AceD Discords Bets (, the platform keeps growing each day. The minimum bet is now increased to 500 AceD and max to 20,000 AceD. Max payout is now set to 100,000 AceD.

We reached 1,000,000 AceD of transactions in sports betting via the Discord Wallet, which is 1/8 of our circulating supply! That is amazing, isn’t it?

Congratulations to our Sports Cappers!

Winning bets is increasingly important. All you have to do is just study the Top 5 winners and join the party.

#1 - 56250 AceD ( $516,15–0.0516 BTC )
#2 - 45000 AceD ( $412,92–0.0412 BTC )
#3 - 43300 AceD ( $397,32–0.0397 BTC )
#4 - 34640 AceD ( $317,86–0.0317 BTC )
#5 - 34000 AceD ( $311,98–0.0311 BTC )

If you want some advice, check out our Pro-Cappers, copy their moves and try to win with them! is in the final phase before launch, our developer is working on removing some final bugs, along with the integration of Bitcoin and AceD Wallet. Many improvements are planned after the launch, which will increase the players experience so stay tuned.

TThe team works on the foundations of and the success of AceD Discord Bet acts as an encouragement for all of us.

Our Objectives:
==> Strengthening our team.
==> Improvisation on budget.
==> Working on improving the logo and website graphics.

We will talk about it in an upcoming “Weekly Report” or via an announcement on Twitter and Discord.

The team aims to propose a product before the end of the year.

Our AceD Discord Staking is currently staking 48000 AceD.We have staked almost 1000 AceD since the beginning.
A quick reminder on the advantages of staking on discord:
— 5% fees
— no need to run your wallet 24/7
— get rewards even with low amount of aced and minimum deposit amount is 100 AceD.

Where to buy AceD ?
On CoinExchange :
AceD Discord #Cashier channel :

In addition to the future benefits of having an AceD Masternode, here are some statistics:

Required coins for masternode: 10,000 AceD
Masternode worth: $92.79 / 0.00910 BTC
ROI (annual): 105.28% / 347 days
AVG masternode Daily Income : 28.8435 AceD
Supply: 8,547,426 ACED (38.73% locked in masternode collateral)

Don’t forget to share this update with your friends via social media. Let’s continue to grow together.

Have a good week AceDFam

Quick note, for those of you who made this far, stay tuned for a “Big Giveaway” that might take place in the upcoming week.



AceD — Game On.