Weekly Report #1 — 8/10/19

AceD — Game On.
2 min readSep 5, 2019

Dear AceD investors, we hope that you’re having a fantastic week!

Let’s jump right in to the weekly report:

  • One of our partnerships (Vsupply/Voucher Supply) is currently working with AceD behind the scene before users can officially convert their AceD into prepaid vouchers such as PaySafe, Flexipin, and Neosurf. The company is currently rebranding. Their developers and the AceD team are currently working together.
  • Minor bugs are being fixed before launching AceD Poker taking it out of the beta phase!
  • AceDBets project is being worked on! We are working on the back-end testing live odds API, bet settlement and user accounts. We have received some interests from potential bankroll investors. If you’re interested, please contact @MaGe-AceD -Discord bookie will go live August 13th.
  • There will be a channel where users can start placing bets on sport events using AceD. — @MrCryptoCash@Crypto-Mob.com will be adding new AceDBets collection to the shop! Make sure to check it out.

Want to buy AceD?

At the current price on CoinExchange, you can buy a masternode for approximately ~$200



AceD — Game On.