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Blockfolio Signal, wallet updates and more…

AceD — Game On.
2 min readFeb 28, 2019


Dear AceD family,

Welcome to our inaugural post on our blog and what a great time it is for our first post! We are proud to finally be a part of the Blockfolio Signal program. We will use this platform to give you development and team updates, partnership announcements, marketing activities and other important news direct from the AceD CORE team.

AceD has been building momentum recently and we love hearing the great feedback and excitement from our community. To keep the momentum going, we’ve updated our wallets! In order to update the wallets with the requested changes, we required a fork at block 193,800. This fork allowed us to:

1. Fix the staking amount glitch

2. Fix the orphaned transaction issue by auto-cancelling them

Important things to know during and after the fork:

1. The latest wallet update can be found here: and on our website at (edit: When the fork block was reached, the chain created 2 forks. Please make sure your wallet and masternode are on the same block as the explorer which can be found here: If not, join us in Discord for technical support.)

2. Masternodes do NOT need to be restarted. Simply replace the daemon either manually or with a script available in our Discord Channel in #masternode-support. It is “pinned” in that channel and our staff is always happy to answer any of your AceD Masternode technical questions there.

3. Withdrawals from the web wallet will be automated when you press send. There will not be a need to DM Dev MC-AceD MCLXI #9531 (448718589793533952) after the fork to withdraw, unless there are any issues.

4. Web-wallet staking will be DISABLED in favor of 3rd party staking services such as HOTDEX AceD Staking. You can choose to stake your coins on the HOTDEX exchange, with EVONODES, or use Crypto Shark’s Shared MN service.

5. Coin Exchange and Crypto Bridge will be disabled for the upcoming fork, but HOTDEX will be open before and after the fork to trade — since Dev MC-AceD MCLXI #9531 (448718589793533952) can update the daemon personally ;) GIN masternodes will be automatically updated by the GINcoin team.

That should get you all caught up in regard to the latest wallet updates. Now onto one last bit of good news, AceD Staking is LIVE on HOTDEX! Minimum requirement to stake: 1,000 AceD coins in order book/balance and a minimum of 1 coin in available balance. HOTDEX is on the latest v2.0 daemon and will be live throughout the hard fork.

Thanks again to our great community and strong team members for the great work and momentum that we have going right now. Let’s keep it going. Go AceD!



AceD — Game On.