Evolution of AceD, AceDBets.io Staking and Dividends program. Chainlink price reference data integrated. Liquidity Sale Live!

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What is AceD?
AceD is primed to become a robust digital entertainment hub, with a newly released crypto-based sportsbook, with live-inplay or pregame sports betting, table games such as Poker, Blackjack, Bingo, and much more. So essentially you can make bets on your favorite sports teams, watch your teams compete, and play Poker all at the same time and place. The platform token currency is ACED (ERC20), but also accepts BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE and USDC. Discounts, perks, losing bet cashbacks, and other incentives will be in-place for people who transact with ACED.

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Screenshot from AceDBets.io Upcoming games section.

What is AceDBets.io?
AceDBets.io is a trusted full scale pure crypto sportsbook that launched in March of 2020. We offer the best coverage of sporting and Esports events worldwide and an attractive user friendly UI. Enabling users from all across the world to place bets on their favorite sporting events both Pre-game and Live-Inplay. Enjoy betting from the comfort of your own home or on the go as AceD is accessible from anywhere anytime as long as you have access to the net. Beginner’s guide to acedbets.io: Click here.

Adoption, Growth and Future
Ever since the introduction of Live-Inplay betting which majority of bettors enjoy, AceDBets has seen an exponential growth in users. Most recent numbers shared from the month of October indicate close to 3000 unique bets being placed on the platform. This number continues to grow drastically, adoption is growing and the volume of betting is increasing. The platform currently has over 1200 unique users signed up, many of them active and daily bettors. The most frequently used betting currencies are ACED and BTC. AceDBets.io plans to introduce a full scale casino with over 200 popular slot games and hundreds of live dealer games. We are also set to release our long awaited poker platform AceDPoker which will be hosted on the acedbets.io platform. Poker is set to release in Q1 of 2021. See the full roadmap below.

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Report from October: Nearing 3000 Unique bets, 1200+ Users signed up.

Chainlink price feed data integration and VRF Oracle discussion


Happy to announce that AceDBets.io has successfully integrated price feed data provided by Chainlink. We are now using price points for BTC/ETH directly from Chainlink’s data feed. This will help us in making accurate in house conversions for converting AceD and other crypto that will be wagered on our upcoming casino (launching December 22nd). We also had a productive conference call with Chainlink team in regards to their VRF “Verifiable Randomness” oracle.

Using Chainlink VRF, we can build reliable smart contracts for any applications that require unpredictable outcomes such as Poker, Bingo, Keno, Blackjack and Roulette.

By integrating VRF oracle we can make games more trustworthy by using a source of randomness that is verifiable on-chain, allowing our team to provide additional proof to security-sensitive users.

Thank you Chainlink for this opportunity. We expect to have this news co-marketed after our launch in the coming days.

Advantages of holding AceD token?
AceD is set to implement 3 new attractive programs to incentivize AceD token holders.
1) AceD Staking on AceD Vault. Stake AceD in one of the 5 pools offered. Earn daily rewards in AceD or dividends from profit sharing.
2) 2% Buy back weekly. AceD will market buy tokens utilizing 2% of profits weekly to bump price and burn the respective tokens permanently.
3) 3 % cashback rewarded on every lost bet. Boosting adoption and aiding wide spread use of AceD to place bets.

AceD Vault and Staking Introduction:
We would like to announce that we have come to agreements on the new token structure of AceD and implementation of staking. We recently held a twitter poll to vote between elastic staking and staking Via staking Dapp. Elastic staking was the clear winner, but after careful consideration we have decided to stay away from the elastic staking model. We audited several contracts with elastic staking and there appears to be exploits where users can take can advantage and steal rewards. We must learn from the recent hacks that many crypto projects have suffered from resulting in millions of dollars being lost, Safety of funds will always be top priority. Staking Dapp was always going to be an issue with high emmisions we want our users to be able to move their AceD freely without having to worry about gas fees. Therefore, we have decided to introduce a staking vault on acedbets.io that will host several new and exciting staking pools.

Introducing AceD Staking Vault.

AceD Staking Vault is a rewards program offered on acedbets.io for AceD token holders. AceD Staking Vault will consist of 5 Staking pools.

AceD Staking Pools:

Bronze Pool: Minimum 50,000 ACED stake.
Reward: 70% APY/Rewards paid per second.
No Cancellation or emission fee

Silver Pool: Minimum 100K ACED stake.
Reward: 80% APY/Rwards paid per second
No Cancellation or emission fee

Gold Pool: Minimum 250K ACED Stake
Reward: 100% APY/Rewards paid per second
No Cancellation or emission fee

AceD Dividends Pools:

Diamond Pool: Minimum 500K ACED stake.
Reward: 10% Weekly profit share from acedbets.io. Sports/Casino/Poker/Games Profits paid in: BTC/ETH/LTC/ACED/USDC/DOGE
No Cancellation or emission fee

Sapphire Pool: Minimum 1 million ACED stake.
Reward: 20% Weekly profit share from acedbets.io. Sports/Casino/Poker/Games Profits paid in: BTC/ETH/LTC/ACED/USDC/DOGE
No Cancellation or emission fee

LP Staking Pool:
Terms for this pool will be announced before Uniswap pool launch.

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Screenshot taken from acedcoin.com

Advantages over competitors:
We have many advantages over our competitors, First off we have a working product that is used by active bettors generating live revenue and profits. Our team is committed to delivering an excellent user experience and always listening to feedback and suggestions from our community. Recently, one potential competitor launched and raised over 3000 ETH. Big ask for a project that has nothing to show for it. AceD has been around since 2018, our reputation and trust has been earned through hard work and dedication. We delivered a sportsbook during the crypto winter, exceeded all expectations. We are primarily focused on promoting our native token this is why we stuck to the model of staking the native token to receive rewards and dividends instead of introducing a 2nd token to dilute funds from the project as other competitors have done.


AceD Liquidity offering: Starts November 30th
Uniswap Liquidity pool launch: December 24th 2020
Implementation of Buy back and Cashback programs: December 10th 2020
AceD Vault activation: December 11th 2020
Casino launch December 22nd 2020
AceDPoker Q1 2021
Sportsbook is already live acedbets.io

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Uniswap Liquidity Sale Offering Terms:

To accommodate our upcoming staking and dividends program. We have opened up an investment opportunity. To further expand AceD and to ensure we have a sustainable bankroll and suffice liquidity on Uniswap. Below are the terms of the sale and token structure.

Total Supply: 150 AceD
Swap Allocation: 50M AceD 4:1 to existing holders snapshot Nov 29th.
Sale Allocation: 70M ACED
AceD Sale Price: 100K/ETH
Uniswap Listing Price: 95K/ETH (Marketing campaign highlighting AceD)
Staking Allocation: 10M — future rewards paid from platform profits
Team Allocation: 0, All development costs covered from platform.
Liquidity add: 40% of raised funds + 5% to Graviex and Whitebit (Already Listed)
Hard Cap: 700ETH
Soft Cap: 200 ETH
Min: 0.2 ETH
Max: 30 ETH
Official Pre-sale address:
Uniswap Launch Date: 24 hours soft cap met, timer will start on acedcoin.com
Smart Contract: New SC will be revealed at launch

Direct Pre-sale Link: https://www.acedcoin.com/presale/

Token Distribution
Upon Uniswap launch there will be 2 batches of distribution. The first batch will be distributed to the liquidity sale participants. They will have up to 24 hours to activate their share in the Dividends pool. After the 24 hour period, we will close all deposits to the dividends pools. No exceptions will be made after the 24hour period expires. The second batch of tokens will be sent immediately after the 24 hour period, in accordance to the snapshot taken on Nov 29th. Everyone is welcome to participate in the staking pools! we wanted to announce these changes before additional funds are sent in towards the sale to ensure there is no confusion later on.
Note Liquidity sale participants are welcome to trade AceD on the day of launch or participate in the Divs pool, the decision is solely up to the owner. 30% ownership of a sportsbook means a lot to giveaway and we want to ensure that that the rewards will be given to the ones that will step up to the plate!

Official website: http://www.acedcoin.com/ AceD
Project Discord: https://discord.gg/e6dsV9S AceD
AceDBets Sportsbook: https://acedbets.io/ AceD
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AcedCoin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/acedbets
Telegram: https://t.me/AceD_Coin


With our product already live, profits are ready to be shared with our Investors. There is no waiting period, take full advantage, your investment will help our liquidity on exchanges and pad further bankroll to provide bigger limits to our bettors.

We hope everyone sees the value and opportunity in investing with ACED. We encourage everyone to explore the platform and lets continue to grow.

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