Pre-Sale — Join the Early Supporters Program

Powerful Infrastructure for Decentralized Applications: AceD Dashboard, AceD Gaming, AceD Streaming, AceD Escrow, AceD Snap.

So what is the Early Supporters Program:

Price per AceD?

How to buy:

4.) If you don’t have the wallet installed make sure to install it.
5.) Now on the Discord message MaGe-AceD#9956 with your transaction ID ( You will need your AceD address so that he can send you the coins)
6.) MaGe-AceD will send you the coins after verification.

That is it, You have now joined the Early Supporters Program and invested in AceD

Note: If you have any issues or if you would like to pay directly simply message MaGe-AceD#9956 , He will assist you.

Sneak Peek Of AceD Gaming Coming Soon.

Billiards with P2P staking and Chat Lobby.
Table Tennis game in action with P2P Wagering and Chat lobby.
Game of Chess with P2P Wagering and Chat lobby.

Official Links:
Discord: Join AceD Discord Channel for Official chat and Support. русскоязычная поддержка в : Bitcoin Talk:
Website: Team and roadmap! Visit today. Twitter:
Follow us on Twitter @AcedCoin Reddit: Facebook: Telegram: Wallet: Block Explorer: Twitter Faucet: Presale:


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