The New Age of AceD-Enhanced SC Auto farming rewards and deflationary supply

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3 min readOct 29, 2021


Hey AceD supporters! It’s been a while since we last shared an update. First off, we’d like to thank everyone for their continued support.

The New Direction:
To avoid any further delays, we will cut right into the meat of this update. We will be upgrading our current smart contract to a more attractive smart contract with features such as auto farming, and auto burn. We will be closing the bronze silver and gold staking pools on and instead our token will reward holders by simply holding tokens in your wallets. In addition to transaction rewards, we are in discussions with Eagle Vision ADA to offer native staking and farming pools on their DEX eagleswap. EVI was recently listed on with this partnership we can expand our offerings to their growing dex and community giving us more visibility in the decentralized dapp space. There is also interest in opening a auto-combined casino staking pool to earn BUSD-BNB rewards by simply staking your aced tokens on the Evi pool. We will share more details regarding that very soon.
Our priority is to continue growing in the entertainment sector, and acedpoker. Our products will accelerate our growth as we start marketing to the masses with the launch of our new contract.
Link to Evi:

How to Swap tokens to new contract.

We will be conducting a token swap directly on our platform
Please follow these simple steps to receive your new AceD tokens.
1) Register on (or login if you have an account already)
2) Deposit AceD tokens.
3) That’s it! Once the new contract is deployed and markets are initiated withdrawals will open and will be processed on first come first serve basis.
Note: Deposits will close Monday November 8th, we will then conduct a snapshot and all balances will be allocated to new smart contract.
If you miss the deposit date, we will open up 1 month long swap request campaign to assist those that were late, or missed the initial swap date. and Poker

New odd system and affiliates kick off this quarter. AceD Poker is ready for beta testing, we will share the beta link for public testing and the release is set for Mid November.

AceDBets Lobby screen (Beta)
AceDPoker Beta

Conclusion: The upgraded contract will surely encourage holding the tokens, the exact tax distribution details will be announced next week. If you’re a liquidity provider on either PCS2 or PCS1, please remove your liquidity, you can add liquidity to our new pool after it’s launched. If you don’t want to participate in this swap then you’re welcome to simply sell the tokens on our current PCS pools. If you’re interested in purchasing more tokens and adding to your swap balance then simply purchase them from the PCS pool and deposit into Swap ratio and total swapped tokens will be announced after Nov 8th.

What can you expect with this new launch? Massive marketing push, AMA’s, major Cex listings (gateio, Bitmart) and our promise to give 100% to push AceD where it deserves to be.

Thank you again, and see you on the moon.



AceD — Game On.