Weekly Report # 3 — 8/25/19

Hey AceD investors, I’m back again with another weekly report!

For AceDBets, it seems like we have over 150+ bets already placed! That’s an amazing number given the amount of time @MaGe-AceD and @MrCryptoCash@Crypto-Mob.com has been hosting.

We also have some poker updates:
. Unseat and Back to Lobby buttons coded and activated
. Loading Page implemented
. Sounds improvements
. Some Bugs resolved
Check out our loading page below! Have any suggestions or feedback? Feel free to leave a message on #suggestion

The #cashier channel has recently been opened. If you’re interested in purchasing some AceD, feel free to check it out and contact @MaGe-AceD Users can now buy AceD at market price.
Prices will change depending on the movement of the market.

Our lead developer has been away for 2 weeks due to health issues. He’s now back and ready. We are back on track and ready to release within several weeks.

We would also like to congratulate user @WingMan-AceD on winning 16,050 AceD, the biggest win of the week on AceD sports bet!




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