Weekly Report #2 — 8/17/19

Dear AceD investors/supporters, here’s our weekly report #2 !

You can now place bets on your favorite sports! After placing your bet and confirm with @MaGe-AceD , you can track your status on #sports-betting-active -You can request to replicate bets. Just provide the betting number.

This week’s biggest winner for sports betting : 8,001 AceD! Congrats Thank you @MrCryptoCash@Crypto-Mob.com for helping with sports betting!

Also, don’t forget to participate in the AceD of Hearts! Current prize: 150 AceD Entry: 67 AceD Thank you, @12k-AceD

Congrats to Twitter user @Duck_Winner for winning the Twitter giveaway from @BLinds-AceD

Hope that everyone had a great week!




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